About Us


Leonidaion guest house got its name from the luxury guest house located at the southwest corner of the sanctuary of Olympia, outside the precinct of the Altis. It was intended for hosting officials, who came to Olympia during the Olympic Games. Built around 330 BC and remodeled twice in Roman times, it owes its name to the donor and architect Leonidas from Naxos. Leonidaion was the large, almost square building, which was external to the four sides of the Ionic colonnade, comprising a total of 138 columns with a height of 5.55 m. In the center there was a courtyard with a peristyle consisting of 44 Doric columns. Between the two colonnades developed on all four sides of the building the rooms facing the courtyard. The most spacious rooms were located on the west side, which had a depth of 15 m., while the other had a depth of 10m. Each one entrance was on the south and north side. Interventions to the building were made in Roman times, when artificial ornamental lake was formed in the central courtyard. Then the building was used as a residence of the Roman officials.

The Lounge

Breakfast is served in this area, just a step away from your room - what better way to start the day;

During the day the lounge bar is open for coffee, drinks and other refreshments.

Even if you if you don't want a soft drink it's a pleasant and tranquil place to sit and read or relax.